Lindsay Lohan Quizzed About Her Sexual Orientation

March 15, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Quizzed About Her Sexual Orientation

Is Lindsay Lohan still a lesbian or was her relationship with Samantha Ronson just her experimenting with the opposite sex? Will her next relationship be with a man or a woman?

Lindsay has certainly done a good job of confusing us when it comes to her sexual preference, and apparently we're not the only ones curious about it.

Lohan was left red-faced and speechless during a UK interview when the talk show host cornered her into talking about her sex life.

Lohan was on British comedian Alan Carr's Chatty Man talk show when the funnyman asked, "Let's get this straight, are you Arthur or are you Martha now? Are you back on the c**k?"

Lohan shrieked before answering, "You b**tard!" and burying her face in her hands. She then declared, "I'm not responding to that! I'm not discussing this."

Of course Carr continued to press her, asking, "Will your next one be a man or a woman?"

Lohan, who was clearly embarrassed at that point said, "I'm not discussing this!" She then snatched the host's interview notes and looked over them, explaining, "I just wanted to see if you have other questions. Any other things to discuss besides what's unnecessary?"

So which is it? Is she still into women or will her next target be a man? We gotta stay tuned to find out, with Lindsay, you just never know!