Lindsay Lohan Questioned Over Violent Assault

December 9, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Questioned Over Violent Assault
Image By: Getty Images / Alo Ceballos

Lindsay Lohan continues to find herself at the center of controversy, whether she is sober or not.

According to alleged reports, the actress locked herself in her hotel room to dodge inquiries from police regarding accusations that she had an attack-for-hire placed on Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron.

On Friday, in Miami, Florida, Barron was sent to the hospital after gettingbrutally jumped—and he’s claiming that Lindsay was the one who orchestrated it all.

Here’s how it all went down, according to New York Post’s “Page Six”: “They had been partying all night when Lindsay’s current boy toy started talking to Barron about what a nightmare she is and how he wants to end things with her.”

“Barron sympathized with him, but Lindsay overheard and was so angry he was ‘talking smack’ about her. She ordered her friend [to] beat up Barron,” the source added. “Barron has filed a police report naming Lindsay Lohan and his attacker, who is a friend of hers. Miami police are looking for them both. Barron’s face is a mess and he has been seen by a doctor. He is the victim and is really shaken up.”

But that explanation doesn’t corroborate another partygoer on the scene who claimed that “Barron had got in [the attacker’s] face” and that if anyone “asked” to get punched it was Barron with his own confrontational behavior.

Lindsay quickly checked out of the hotel the following afternoon, a Saturday.