Lindsay Lohan Punches Girl For Flirting With Pop Star

November 29, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Punches Girl For Flirting With Pop Star

Happy Thursday, Hollyscoopers! This is the greatest news story I’ve ever read in my life.

So, you know how Lindsay Lohan was arrested last night at the NY club for punching that girl? Yes, of course you know, how could I be so dumb. Anyways, she apparently punched out that chick because she was flirting with Max George from The Wanted and Lindsay reportedly was trying to flirt with him FIRST!

We already reported how Lindsay went to a Justin Bieber concert last night, but according to TMZ she wasn’t there for The Biebs, she wanted to see his opening act The Wanted because she has a total fan-girl crush on Max George. Don’t we all, Lindsay. Don’t. We. All.

Apparently Lindsay tried to get backstage to meet the guys, but couldn’t get in. She eventually met up with Max, Jay and Tom and they all went to club Avenue.

Lindsay was flirting with Max, of course, we would ALL do the same thing in her position, but apparently she was getting really drunk (I thought she doesn’t drink anymore?) and Max was really turned off by it.

So he turned his back to her and started flirting with a random blonde chick. This is the girl that Lindsay punched.

Obviously Max’s flirting with someone who wasn’t her was what set her off and she let her fists do the talking.

Anyways, Max ended up finding another girl and went home with her. HEYO!

However, some reports suggest that Lindsay punched the girl because the chick asked LiLo for a picture and apparently that made Lindsay super upset. But I want to believe that Lindsay was jealous of the flirting. Who gets that mad over taking a picture? Oh wait, that's why Lindsay punched that other dude in NY a couple months ago.

Oh, the Lindsay source wanted to point out that Max was also really drunk too. So, you know, she wasn’t the ONLY sloppy person in the club.

That being said, Lindsay is reportedly trying to go to rehab so she can avoid going to jail. Does it work like that? Either way, Lindsay wants to go to rehab for 6 months! More on this as the story unfolds!