Lindsay Lohan Probably Still a Lesbian

February 18, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Probably Still a Lesbian

Some things just belong together. Steak and potatoes. Rainy days and old movies. And of course, Lindsay Lohan and crazed trips to Los Angeles nightclubs where she leaves with her lesbian lover.

Late last night, Lohan visited Teddy’s nightclub, where she left with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. A photographer for says,

“It was like old Lindsay -- she was desperate to find Sam. She jumped out of her car and ran into the hotel all nervous and wired."

Lohan left her rented Porsche in the hotel’s VIP spot and left with Ronson. And apparently, the two spent the night together, because this morning, Sam tweeted:

“watching grey’s anatomy-my fav-show-@lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me.”

Sleeping next to each other? I’m sure what Sam means is that they just had a good, clean, old-fashioned slumber party. Probably got home, had some popcorn, watched Ghost and played Guess Who, right?

A source inside the club told that Lindsay didn’t “seem straight.” Insert lesbian-related joke here. The source continued,

“She didn't need to be behind the wheel and Sam always takes care of Lindsay no matter what. Even though they aren't officially dating right now, Sam feels a responsibility for Lindsay so she told Lindsay she'd drive her home”

It’s nice that Ronson feels a boner responsibility for her friend. Someone should be taking advantage care of Lindsay while she’s vulnerable. But seriously, it seems like her intentions with Lohan are honorable. Because with all her recent troubles, Lindsay’s hot-to-crazy ratio has been teetering on not worth it.