Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard in NYC

March 17, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard in NYC

Lindsay Lohan flew all the way to NYC to party til dawn. Why NYC? Because no one cares about her there.

Lindsay was spotted partying until 4AM last night. She started her night at SL Lounge in New York City then headed over to 1Oak.

An insider told X17, "She is only doing this because she won't be photographed in NY like she is in LA, so she thinks she can get away with it. It certainly seems like she's fallen back to her old party habits, as evident from her wild behavior and the company she's keeping."

Lindsay insists she didn't have an ounce of alcohol while out at the clubs. She told TMZ, "I did not drink ... period. I do not drink ... period." Lilo added, "I went to SL with my friend who owns it."

Lindsay is an eternal party girl, but the real question is, why do we still care about her in LA? It's been years since she's done anything relevant. If it weren't for her courtroom walk of shame and sticky finger scandals, she wouldn't make any headlines at all.