Lindsay Lohan on Attacker: He Isn't Going To Get Away With This

October 2, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan on Attacker: He Isn't Going To Get Away With This

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, that is, if scorned is a woman who tried to steal someone’s iPhone and then got pushed onto a bed for it.

Lindsay Lohan was attacked in a NY hotel on Sunday by a guy named Christian LaBella and now Lindsay wants him locked up!

Quick backtory: Lindsay was out at club 1Oak in Chelsea on Sunday night, LaBella was taking photos of the starlet, got chummy with Lilo’s friends, followed them to Lindsay’s room and when Lindsay tried to get rid of his phone (because there is nothing worse than having your picture taken) the guy allegedly attacked Lindsay.

Charges against LaBella were dropped but Lindsay is continuing to pursue the guy. How do we know this? She told Page Six.

I’m surprised Lindsay talked to a gossip column at all, but she did and told them, “He isn’t going to get away with this,” and also, “I’m in shock and it was a really scary situation.”

Lindsay is apparently looking for witnesses to make statements to the police, because she can’t understand why the police dropped charges against LaBella.

I think Lindsay is just happy that for the first time ever, she’s not the one being arrested. Soak it in girl, this is how the rest of us law-abiding citizens feel ALL THE TIME.

LaBella’s aunt is actually “Chelsea Lately” comedienne Heather McDonald who told E! last night that she essentially knows nothing about what went down and barely talks to LaBella.

“Yes, he is my nephew, but I haven’t talked to him in quite a while. He lives on the East Coast.”

But she did add, “I was happy to hear the charges were dropped.”

Alright alright, nothing to see here. Lindsay Lohan is just enjoying her 15 minutes of fame not being prosecuted.