Lindsay Lohan Offered Job At Strip Club To Pay Bills

December 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Offered Job At Strip Club To Pay Bills
Image By: Splash News

Yesterday we reported on how Lindsay Lohan was an additional $16K in debt because she couldn’t pay her storage unit bill.

Lindsay’s cash flow problems were so bad, the storage company locked up her things and won't release them until she pays the bill and are ready to auction off all her stuff unless she pays up.

That is, until a strip club rushed in to save the day!

Iconic NYC strip club Scores has just sent a letter to Lindsay’s lawyer saying it will foot the entire storage unit bill AND pay Lindsay’s rent for the next couple of months on her Beverly Hills mansion.

Pretty sweet deal…now what’s the catch? Does Lindsay have to get up there in a neon pink g-string and some pasties and do some lap work for gross NY business men?

Not exactly.

Scores says Lindsay has to serve as an online video chat host for it’s website, which doesn’t require any nudity. There is very little information online about these Stripper chat sessions (felt weird Googling it, but what are you going to do?) but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have a conversation with a stripper via Skype. It’s kind of opposite the point of being a stripper.

Also, it’s unclear how many of these online chats Lindsay would have to do to fulfill her “duties.”

Lindsay already took her clothes all the way off for Playboy, Max George from The Wanted called her a groupie, Charlie Sheen is giving her handouts, what’s an online strip club gig going to do to her already sinking reputation?