Lindsay Lohan NOT Prime Suspect To ANYTHING Yet Says LAPD

August 28, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan NOT Prime Suspect To ANYTHING Yet Says LAPD

UPDATE: The L. A. County District Attorney will not file criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan citing insufficient evidence against the actress.

Earlier today we reported that Lindsay Lohan is a prime suspect in a jewelry robbery. We also reported that she’s being investigated by a separate police force in relation to her car crash in June when she reportedly “lied to police.”

Both the LAPD and the Santa Monica Police have told Hollyscoop that Lindsay is NOT a prime suspect to anything. She’s just being investigated as is protocol. Basically, haven’t any of you seen “Law and Order,” is what they are trying to say.

Apparently $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses went missing from a Hollywood Hills home belonging to a man named Sam Magid last week. Despite what you read online this morning, Lindsay isn’t THE culprit, anyone who was near the home the night the jewelry went missing is also a “suspect.” This according to the LADP.

“Lindsay is no more of a suspect than anyone else that was there,” LAPD Officer Borhanh tells Hollyscoop, “With [Magid] recanting his statement – first he said stuff was stolen and now he is saying nothing was stolen – we are re-evaluating the entire case.”

“It seems to me that TMZ is playing it up to make Lindsay look like the prime suspect when in fact that is not the case,” says Borhanh.

So the coast is clear for Lindsay in the jewelry heist. For now.

But what about the other reports this morning that Lindsay is being investigated in relation to the allegations that she lied to police when she got in a car crash near the beach in June and told the officers that she wasn’t driving the vehicle, when she was clearly driving the vehicle. Isn’t “lying to cops” a huge crime?

“We are not saying that she lied or that she didn't lie. Investigators reached out to someone in her camp last week because we have more questions to ask her,” Santa Monica Public Information Officer Richard Lewis tells us.

So basically, Lindsay Lohan continually finds herself in run-ins with the law, but that doesn’t make her a prime suspect. She’s just constantly being investigated, which is shady, but not a suspect…yet. Give her two months and several more hit-and-runs and we’ll see where Lindsay is at.