Lindsay Lohan NOT Interviewed By Police For Burglary Says Rep

August 22, 2012 By:

Don’t go pointing the finger at LiLo just yet…

A day after it was reported that Lindsay Lohan was interviewed by the police for a burglary at a house she was staying at in the Hollywood Hills, Hollyscoop has uncovered some information that puts that story on ice.

According to Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig, Lindsay was never even formally examined by police on the scene.

“Contrary to reports, Lindsay was never formally questioned by police in connection with this incident,” said Honig.

The rep could not comment on what actually happened at the Hollywood Hills home or what exactly was stolen. He’ll leave that to authorities to figure out.

“We will defer to the police to determine what actually occurred, if anything, instead of speculating without any concrete facts,” he continued.

It was also rumored that Lindsay skipped town after the burglary occurred. Again, Honig points out that this is false and that her trip to New York was planned and scheduled a week before the incident even took place.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Lindsay was staying at a house on Sunday evening for a friend’s get-together. X17 has reported that the house belongs to a Hollywood decision maker who enjoys having A-listers over to play.

According to reports, the partygoers awoke on Monday morning with valuables missing from the premises and police responded to the scene.

There have even been reports of possible gun use during the incident but if Honig’s statement were any indication, we’d advise you kids not believe everything you read…

Lindsay has since been spotted touching down in New York alongside her brother Michael Lohan Jr.