Lindsay Lohan Needs To Pay Her Ridiculous Tanning Bill

May 29, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Needs To Pay Her Ridiculous Tanning Bill

Lindsay Lohan owes $41,031 in back payments to a tanning company in Las Vegas. I don’t know what’s more surprising “Lindsay Lohan owes money” or “spends $41,031 on tanning!”

I doubt even the Tan Mom from New Jersey spends that much on her leather face.

According to TMZ, Lindsay was a regular patron to Nevada-based salon, Tanning Vegas, between the years 2007 to 2009.

To put this into perspective, 2007 to 2009 was when Lindsay Lohan made her third trip to rehab, had the cocaine-DUI incident, dated Samantha Ronson and, oh yeah, “designed” a “legging” collection. So yeah, Lindsay getting fake bronzed and owing too much money fits into that period all too perfectly.

Nine months ago, a Nevada judge ordered Lindsay to pay up and now the tanning salon is trying to get the case moved to California so they can attach Lindsay’s assets and get that $40,000+ paid for.

To make matters worse, Tanning Vegas is a mobile tanning company and would drive over from Vegas to LA to tan Lindsay whenever she required it, and judging by the color of Lindsay’s skin back in 2007 (burnt orange), it was probably several times a day.

The tanning company’s owner Lorit Simon has actually sued Lindsay before. She accused the actress of stealing her secret formula for a spray tanning product and selling it under her Sevin Nyne label. Oh, did you forget that Lindsay has her own spray tan product too? It was about as popular as her "music" career.

A rep for Lindsay tells Hollyscoop, " We have not received any such notice."