Lindsay Lohan: My Dad is "Nuts"

March 3, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan: My Dad is

Lindsay Lohan thinks her father Michael Lohan is "nuts" and should be in a rehab center for talking about her.

Lindsay is convinced her father only talks about her because he's desperate for attention. She claims she'll never speak to him and wants him to stop talking about her.

She said: “I’m not really speaking to him. Him saying those things is the last thing that’s going to get me to speak to him and I’ve told him that.

"He’s nuts. He is someone who is crying out for help and attention. He is the one who should be in rehab. He has been on and off like this my whole life.

“The real issue here? I don’t condone that he has never paid child support. He has never stepped up. It’s not fair, my mom has been such a great mother and has done such a great job raising us.”

If anyone needs to seek help or therapy in rehab, it's Lindsay Lohan. She can claim to be 'happy, healthy and normal' but there's nothing normal nor healthy about her lifestyle. But like she said, rehab was "just a vacation" for her, so there's no point in sending her there.