Lindsay Lohan Moves Out Of Her Venice Home

February 1, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Moves Out Of Her Venice Home

When most of us move out, it involves borrowing a truck from a friend and doing our best to not to overlap rent from one apartment to the next.

When you’re a celebrity, moving out involves an eighteen-wheeler and a stay at Chateau Marmont for an unresolved amount of time. Even if that celebrity is Lindsay "oh god what have I done with my career" Lohan.

A moving truck/semi was spotted outside of Lindsay Lohan’s apartment in Venice Beach this afternoon, and now TMZ is reporting that yes, Lindsay is moving on. The house was next door to where Lindsay’s ex, Samantha Ronson, lives.

According to TMZ: “We're told all her stuff is being taken to a storage facility, until she figures out her next move.”

Sources close to Lohan say the move might be cross-country, as the actress is seriously thinking of moving to New York City, when her probation is over at the end of March.

Meanwhile, she’s been living at the celebrity hideaway, Chateau Marmont.

Word is Lindsay also got freaked out after a trespasser made his way onto her property on New Year’s Eve. Lindsay called the police after the man allegedly approached her front door trying to get a hold of her.

“Officers were sent out on a service call to the home,” said Lieutenant Munoz of the LAPD Pacific Station. “A man at the residence was allegedly asking for Lindsay to come out and he wouldn't leave. Ms Lohan called police who arrived and detained the man for trespass after Ms Lohan asked for him to be arrested.”