Lindsay Lohan Mends Broken Heart By Partying

April 10, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Mends Broken Heart By Partying

Lindsay Lohan is getting over her breakup from Samantha Ronson the only way she knows how--by club hoping.

Lilo hit up three different nightclubs on Thursday night alone. She started her night at the Chateau Marmont, the same place she was denying the week before by the Ronson family.

Next stop: Teddy’s. “She refused to get out of the car because she didn't want to be photographed," a witness tells Us Weekly. "She instructed her bodyguard/driver to speed off."

Her final stop for the night was at Bar Deluxe. She finally went home around 2am with several friends. According to reports, she then grabbed eggs from her kitchen and threw them at photographers.

On Wednesday night Lilo was spotted at Nobu with her sister Ali and her mother Dina. "She seemed really out of it. Everyone kept going up to her to ask how she was doing," a partygoer tells exclusively.

"She was chain smoking all night," adds our source.

Meanwhile, Sam is not only over the breakup, she's happy to be single again and done with all the drama.

"Lindsay is extremely protective and jealous and needs an enormous amount of attention, and it's stressful for the world to be watching them," a source close to the Ronson family tells People.

"[Samantha] takes it pretty good – she acts tougher than she is. She just wants the drama to end," added the source.

We have a feeling the breakup drama has just begun! Lindsay is really vulnerable right now and can easily spiral out of control--even more than she already has! Someone call Dr. Phil, because this girl needs an intervention.