Lindsay Lohan Meets Max George's Parents

January 14, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Meets Max George's Parents
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The Wanted hottie Max George was unofficially hooking up with Lindsay Lohan after she decided to become a The Wanted groupie, but apparently their little "friends with benefits" arrangement got more serious as Max has just introduced LiLo to his parents, because that’s normal.

Lindsay has spent the last week or so partying it up in London for whatever reason, so Max invited Lindz to his parents’ house in Manchester for a day-long meet and greet with his ‘rents.

Just so we’re clear. Lindsay and Max aren’t exactly “Facebook official,” these two are just “dating.” Which for Max, I’m sure, is code for, “I still want to bang other people.”

I’m surprised to hear this, I thought the Lindsay and Max thing fizzled out back in December when Max reportedly called her a “groupie” and Lindsay got upset and quit his boy bander a*s.

Not only that, but just last week Max told E! News that Lindsay was “fun to party with” but that’s it. Apparently, he was just trying to lead us off the trail.

So anyways, Lindsay met Max’s parents, which in Hollywood is about two months away from moving in together. Congrats Lindsay, let’s hope you don’t go to jail before then.