Lindsay Lohan Makes Everything a Crisis, Says 'Canyons' Director

August 7, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Makes Everything a Crisis, Says 'Canyons' Director

Lindsay Lohan skipped out on The Canyons premiere last night because she didn’t care about her video on demand movie want to be threatened with a good time.

Since Lindsay wasn’t there, the film's director Paul Schrader had to tell EVERYONE at the premiere that Lindsay skipped out because she’s a recovering alcoholic.

“She’s decided not to be here because she’s worried coming out of rehab and hanging out in L.A. for the weekend,” Paul told the audience before they screened the film.

He then continued to throw her under the bus, saying, “Lindsay lives in a crisis atmosphere. Everything’s a crisis. And when it isn’t a crisis, she finds a way to make it one.”

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Paul then went on to school her on how to be an adult, “We talk all the time and I think she’s doing quite well. She’s very serious about her career and future work. A lot of it’s up to her. If she can create a reputation of reliability, and that’s her number one problem, she will have a career because people do…like her.”