Lindsay Lohan Made Out With The Guy That Got Her a Job

September 28, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Made Out With The Guy That Got Her a Job

He made the impossible happen: he got Lindsay Lohan a job. And she's paying him back by sucking his face. I think she's also been making out with a Trader Joe's manager.

Lohan recently scored a modeling gig in Italy for German designer Philipp Plein. The ads showed off Plein's 2012 line. I think this is the first time in a while that when talking about Lindsay and "lines", we aren’t referring to drugs. According to TMZ, while Lohan and Plein have been getting close, they aren't officially dating.

A source tells FOX411:

"Lindsay has been staying in Philipp’s room every night since she arrived. There’s a lot of chemistry there.”

A rep for Plein declined to comment, and a rep for Lohan denied the dating rumors. Another source said that Lindsay was close to not even getting this gig.

“It took two months of various negotiations because people were hesitant to hire her,” said a source close to the deal. “But Plein is really happy with Lindsay; she loves the clothes and is working really hard and doing a great job."

Nathan Folks, the producer of the company that put the deal together, says he's excited to have Lindsay on board.

"We are very happy that she is working on the campaign and expect many more in the upcoming months including a potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats."

Are we trying to get the Russians to hate us again?

"This is more of our effort to engage Lindsay in more European endeavors. They seem to be able to look beyond the past and realize everyone has a setback."

And as for that movie career that seems like it's long gone, Folks says Lindsay hasn’t given up.

"Lindsay is dead set on reviving her film career and modeling career," Folks added. "We are proud of her. Her comeback has begun."

Awe, that's cute.

Recently, Lindsay was linked to hotelier Vikram Chatwal. She was also rumored to have crashed a party he was throwing in which his estranged wife showed up. Real classy stuff. I'm guessing she smashed a can of Natty Light on her head and put up her dukes.

In Plein's ad, Lohan wears an oranged cropped jacket paired with super short shorts. The photo shoot took place in Lake Como, Italy.