Lindsay Lohan Lounges Like A Pro

August 8, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Lounges Like A Pro

Lindsay Lohan is good at relaxing. Sometimes the actress relaxes so hard she passes out cold, and sometimes she does it right. Her pro-lounging at her Hollywood hotel pool is (thankfully) an example of the latter.

Lilo wore a white one-piece with a giant sheer panel that exposes approximately 82% of her boobs and diamonds, in Liz Taylor fashion. Lindsay just wrapped filming for her new movie The Canyons, starring porn star James Deen, Gus Van Sant and written by Bret Easton Ellis.

It’s been described as a thriller neo-noir about young people basically acting just like Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay’s still sporting slashes of bronzer that match her orange hair, but all in all she looks much, much better than she did the other night when she was spotted in possibly the worst outfit ever - fringe, cowboy hat, and polka dot heels - while out celebrating her new role in Scary Movie 5 alongside the ever-functional Charlie Sheen.

Why anyone should celebrate such a thing, we don’t know. But we’re happy Lindsay’s looking a lot less puffy than usual—poolside, she almost looks normal. Just ignore the fact that she’s extremely aware of the paparazzi sitting on the pool deck with her, and she could totally be a normal person.