Lindsay Lohan Lies Again – "Liz & Dick" Never Agreed to Foot Hotel Bill

August 30, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Lies Again –

So yesterday, the internet found out that Lindsay Lohan owed the Chateau Marmont about $47,000 for basically staying there rent free for about 47 days.

Anyways, Lindsay then announced that she didn’t pay for the hotel because she thought the production on her lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” would foot the bill. Right, like the Lifetime network even has $47,000 in it’s budget for room service.

So anyways, sources close to the situation have told TMZ that neither the “Liz and Dick” production nor the Lifetime Network ever agreed to pay for her living expenses while she lived at the Chateau.

Apparently the producers did give LiLo a one-time $5,000 advance on her salary in late May to use to move into the hotel, but they never agreed to pay for anything after that 5 grand.

Essentially Lindsay is about $42,000 in the hole. Lindsay was reportedly shocked when the Chateau Marmont banned her from the property and LiLo was all like “I thought the movie was handling it?”

Lindsay, maybe back in the day when you did real movies like “Mean Girls” and “The Parent Trap” would the production team cover your living expenses, but that sh-t won’t fly when you’re making made-for-TV movies.

Anyways, Lindsay said she’s pay the bill if Lifetime wouldn’t.