Lindsay Lohan: Let's Bring the Focus Back on Acting

March 30, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan: Let's Bring the Focus Back on Acting

Well we would, if Lindsay was doing anything close to acting.

Lindsay Lohan called into TMZ live yesterday, because she has them on speed dial, and told the gossip site that her probation ending is a “tremendous weight” lifted from her shoulders.

Basically, Lindsay realizes she screwed up as a person and thanks to hard-ass Judge Sautner she now realizes that she needs to stop stealing sh-t, driving drunk, and hitting people with her car.

“It’s a tremendous weight I feel has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel really grateful and just happy and ready to move forward. It’s been several years and I did what I had to do, it’s taken time to realise that but it’s a good day,” says LiLo.

Lindsay realized she stopped being famous for being “that girl from ‘Mean Girls’” and became “that girl from ‘The Court House,’” and knew things had to change.

“Sitting back and seeing I had worked so hard to be something I wanted to be, which is in this industry, and seeing I had let it fall apart, so looking at that and saying, ‘Ok this is not what I signed up for, wake up.’”

Robert Downey Jr broke into a stranger’s home, was arrested, went to rehab and now he’s freaking “Iron Man.” What I’m trying to say is, Lindsay Lohan can totally bounce back from crazytown and end up in a Lifetime movie.

Oh, Lindsay is also still saying that she didn’t hit anybody with her car.

“I think it’s funny cause people say I go clubbing,” says LiLo, “If I go to dinner that’s not a club, it’s a restaurant. The one time I tried to go anywhere was a very close friend’s birthday and someone fabricated a story that I grazed them with a car when I wasn’t even driving.”

Yeah, LiLo wasn’t “even driving” on account of she was ghost riding that whip, head out the window, and oh sh-t, did I just hit someone?

Anyways, Lindsay says it’s time to focus on acting.

“I became more of a celebrity and I’d like to bring the focus back to what it is I love to do and what I started in this business for, which is acting.”