Lindsay Lohan Jeweler Seeks Book Deal

March 16, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Jeweler Seeks Book Deal

At what point was Lindsay Lohan’s head removed and replaced with a giant bag
with a dollar sign on it? Because that’s all anyone who goes near her sees.

The publicist for Kamofie & Co. recently contacted literary agent Sharlene
Martin inquiring about a possible book deal.

Martin responded by saying the incident with Lohan “was a moment, not a

Exactly, it's not like this is the O.J. Simpson trial. I think I could write
a more interesting book about the last time I got an oil change. Or about
how I clipped my fingernails last week and they've already grown back
because I upped my calcium intake.

Martin continued, “You shouldn’t waste any literary agent’s time. Call the
Enquirer if you want.”

Here’s an idea. Maybe wait until after the trial to do stupid things?
Maybe? No? Ok, keep shopping for that movie deal, too.

While you’re at it,
why not mass produce some T-shirts that say, “Don’t Push Your Luck” with
Lindsay’s court face on them?

Kamofie & Co. says they have no book deal pending.

Well, no sh-t. They did something stupid, got rejected, and are now trying
to pretend the stupid thing never happened. Nice try, but no one's buying
it. Literally.