Lindsay Lohan: I've Never Had True Love

November 15, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan: I've Never Had True Love

Lindsay Lohan has never been in “true love.” Then what was Samantha Ronson!? Are you telling me that your 1-year stint as a lesbian wasn’t true love!?!?!

Lindsay just told UK’s Mirror, “Love is scary and I’m yet to find that one person. Yes, I’ve been in love with people –maybe one or two- but I haven’t really had a true love yet.”

OK, so she’s been “in love” she just hasn’t found “The One.” That’s what she’s trying to say, I think?

Talking about the character she played in Liz & Dick, Lindsay says, “I relate to the fact that Elizabeth Taylor once said, ‘I love being in love.’ I do, too. I love being in love. There’s nothing better than that first feeling of being in love, so I look forward to having that at some point.”

What is she talking about? She’s looking forward to falling in love for the first time, but she’s already been in love? Lindsay, whatever hoteliers you’ve hooked up with weren’t “love,” that was called “getting a discount at the Dream Hotel in NYC.”

So Lindsay and Liz Taylor have A LOT in common because they “love being in love,” but Lindsay also adds, “We’re both strong-willed, and Elizabeth and her mother had a similar bond to the one I have with my mother.”

So you’re saying that Liz also hated her mom and screamed at her when she was doing coke in da club and had to borrow your limo to drive back to her home in Long Island? Is that what you both have in common?