Lindsay Lohan Issue Not Selling As Well As Reported

December 20, 2011 By:

Earlier today we posted that the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue was selling like hot-cakes, assuming hot-cakes are magazine filled with images of naked women. But this might not be true!

According to Hugh Hefner's twitter (the most reliable of sources) and some TMZ sources (also, super reliable, probably just texts from Lindsay herself) they said many outlets had sold out of the LiLo Playboy spread and that NY and LA had to re-order more issues of the mag.

However, FOX news posted a story that nobody was really buying the issue. FOX411 reporters trolled the shelves of newsstands on the East Coast only to discover that nobody was actually buying the magazine. First things first, how shady is an undercover news reporter just lurking near the Playboy magazine rack? That's probably why no-one was buying it, because some dude was creepily standing nearby watching people buy nudie mags.

Someone over at Fleshbot (who I was afraid to google for fear of massive porn pop-ups) says the reasons why it might not be selling is that there is no full frontal and people forget that LiLo already did a Marilyn photoshoot.

Also, the Daily mail posted a story on how the Lindsay issue was flying off shelves, but then three hours later wrote a story that the mag was doing very poorly with sales. But that just proves that the Daily Mail can't make up it's mind, also 90% of content on the Daily Mail is about child-bride Courtney Stodden which was soooo May 2011, so they really don't know what's going on.

However, KSBI newspaper based out of Oklahoma says "retailers confirm that the rag is selling well, though rarely selling out."

So there you have it, Lindsay's cooch isn't quite the hot commodity we all thought it was. Now, you can go back to reading that article about Britney Spears' engagement ring.