Lindsay Lohan is Finally Getting Counseling for Issues

August 12, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan is Finally Getting Counseling for Issues

I guess she found some money somewhere, because Lindsay Lohan finally signed up for the mandatory psychological counseling that's part of her probation. Last month, Lohan pissed off Judge Stephanie Sautner by claiming she was looking for the cash to pay for the counseling. Sautner snapped at Lohan's attorney:

"She needs to find an individual therapist that takes a credit card."

That's funny. As if Lindsay Lohan can get credit.

Lohan had until this Thursday to start, and according to, she submitted the legal docs on August 3rd.

So she's officially getting therapy. Maybe that's why she's been hanging out with Paris Hilton lately. After Hilton's high-profile friendship with Brooke Mueller, I'm starting to think she's an undercover therapist.

Lohan also has a year to complete 480 hours of community service, stemming from her no contest plea for the stolen necklace allegation. And because she can't seem to go a week without any drama, Lohan was recently seen with a bag of rocks. Yes, rocks.

Sources saw her in front of a bar in Venice handing a friend some money in exchange for a plastic bag filled with something. That sounds totally legal. Well, as it turns out, it was. Her rep, Steve Honig, says the bag was filled with "crystals from a local shop in Venice."

I'm no expert, but if you're in that much trouble with the law, to the point where you have to get psychological treatment, I'd say you should probably stay away from trading plastic bags of stuff outside of a bar. Just a thought.

Lohan is off to New York City for a business meeting and to spend time with family. Her younger sister, Ali, seems to be having an easier time finding work. The 17 year-old is the new face of the designer denim like PRVCY Premium. On her Twitter account, Ali has officially changed her name to "Aliana T. Lohan". Girl gettin' all fancy.

Ali had her modeling debut when she starred in the spring-summer 2011 ad campaign for Lindsay's 6126 line. You remember? Her jegging endeavor?

As for her new gig, Ali says: "I was thrilled to model for PRVCY Denim, everyone was amazing to work with. The collection has the best fit and I love the styling for this upcoming season."

And the feeling is mutal. Christian Wicks, president of PRVCY's Apparel and Accessories Division, says: "We believe that Ali has immense potential and is a perfect fit for the PRVCY family. I am confident that Ali will further the label's coveted reputation and help reintroduce the brand to our targeted demographic."

Well, at least Lindsay has a family member she can borrow money from now.