Lindsay Lohan Is Ditching Her Community Service

September 22, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Is Ditching Her Community Service

Well, I am shocked. After partaking in Fashion Week, a Kardashian Wedding, and general NYC clubbing, Lindsay Lohan just can't squeeze in time for her court-ordered community service.

Here's the breakdown. In connection with her no contest plea in that whole necklace ordeal, Lindsay is supposed to complete 480 total hours of community service.  380 of those hours are at the Downtown Women's Center and 100 are at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

The morgue thing is a little weird, in my opinion. I guess Judge Stephanie Sautner wants to teach her a lesson and save her from an impending drug overdose by forcing her to stare into the face of death for 100 hours. But imagine--your one chance to meet a celeb, and you're not even alive to enjoy it. Sure, it's just Lindsay Lohan, but still.

According to Radaronline, Lohan hasn't done any time at the morgue, and she's only completed about 60 hours at the Downtown Women's Center. A source says, "Lindsay has completed her shoplifters awareness class but is falling behind on her other commitments."

I'm actually shocked that she made it to the shoplifter awareness class. Maybe they disguised it as a nightclub.

Lindsay's next court date is October 17, less than a month from now. So, with 420 hours left of community service, I don't see how she's going to have time to complete it.

The source continues: “Lindsay's team is telling her she needs to log significant time to show the judge that she is working towards completing her hours, but she is ignoring them. Lindsay's rationale is that she has a year to complete the service, so she isn't concerned about it right now.”
Woah, woah woah….Linsdsay still has a "team"? She either has the worst team ever, or by "team" this source means "Twitter followers."

Last time Lohan appeared in court, the Judge was pretty stern and didn't seem like she was going to take any more of this celebullsh-t.

"The judge has told Lindsay in the past that she will not accept any excuses whatsoever for her failure to complete her community service, period. If Lindsay was smart, she would work to get those hours done," the insider says.

We'll see. Lohan has managed to escape the throes of jail for this long, so I'm sure they'll just slap another ankle bracelet on her, lock her in her apartment, where she'll shoot more commercials and beg for pity via Twitter.

But Lindsay's publicist, Steve Honig, argues that she has been working hard.

"Lindsay has been working very closely with her advisors to balance the demands of making a living while at the same time fulfilling her court-mandated obligations."