Lindsay Lohan is Broke!

April 2, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan is Broke!

There are new reports today that Lindsay Lohan is broke. She had fallen back on her rent by two months and decided it was time to pay after her landlord sent her a legal notice.

Lilo owed more than $23,000 in order to become current.

Lindsay has been broke for a very long time. Hollyscoop reported back in 2007 that Lindsay was very close to being broke. Fast forward to 2009, Lindsay still doesn't have her shit together and she is more broke now than ever.

Michael Lohan: I Don't Want to See My Daughter Die!

According to TMZ, Lindsay isn't making any money and it doesn't look like she is gonna get a job anytime soon because of her substance abuse issues,

Friends and family are very concerned for Lindsay's well being. It's gotten so bad that they are worried that Lindsay will die soon if she doesn't get help.

Michael Lohan on Lindsay's Pal: She's a Parasite Destroying Her Life

The only person who is still denying that Lindsay needs help is her own mother. She still insists that Lindsay is doing fine. We don't know Lindsay Lohan and just by looking at pictures we can tell something is definitely wrong with her and her own mother can't tell?

Lindsay has been partying non stop and has been looking very beat lately. Maybe, Michael should step in and take charge.