Lindsay Lohan is a Compulsive Liar

January 5, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan is a Compulsive Liar

Old habits certainly die hard with Lindsay Lohan. Not only is she being accused of being under the influence while at Betty Ford center, she's also a stalker.

Lindsay just rented a Venice Beach house right next door to her ex Samantha Ronson, but claims she had "no idea" Sam lived there. Surrre you didn't.

Her "friend" aka: Lindsay, told TMZ that didn't know she was moving next door to Sam but she’s ready to move out in order to “keep the peace.” But of course she already signed the lease so she's not going anywhere.

That's some serious Single White Female sh*t right there. Sam has been trying to ditch Lindsay for over a year and just days after getting out of rehab she's already back to stalking Sam.

I don't buy that 'I had no idea she lived there' crap for a second. She's infamous for being a compulsive liar and this is no different. Good luck with that one Sam!