Lindsay Lohan Involved In Another Car Accident

July 26, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Involved In Another Car Accident

You know the expression, “You’re so dumb you got hit by a parked car?”

That didn’t take long... Lindsay Lohan is at it again!

Lindsay has been shooting her new movie The Canyons for about a week now, and, so far, she’s done a good job staying out of headlines. That is, until this little number…

LiLo was in yet another car accident in Los Angeles. This one happened on a shopping excursion in West Hollywood. Behind the wheel of her Porsche--Lindsay bumped into the back of a silver Mustang that wasn’t moving.

According to TMZ, she was driving her black Porsche Panamera Wednesday afternoon on Sunset Boulevard when she hit the Mustang causing “minor and cosmetic” damage.

The woman driving the America-made car, recalls the incident…

“We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us," she said.

A male passenger that was with Lindsay at the time left his number with the Mustang driver and the two drove off. They were in a rush to escape an army of paparazzi that was pursing them.

So mark another one down as Lindsay’s horrific driving record sources to new, Olympic heights.

Just last month Lindsay smashed into a large truck while she was driving on PCH in Los Angeles. That accident – which had the same cause: perusing paps – was not quite as clean and simple…

Lindsay’s car was totaled and she was rushed to the UCLA medical center. Thankfully, she walked away without any injuries, though.

The past two months have proved two things: 1) Photogs need to back off a little bit, and 2) Someone – maybe Batman at this point – needs to seriously take away Lindsay’s driver’s license!