Lindsay Lohan Intervention Staged - Dina Responds

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Lindsay Lohan Intervention Staged - Dina Responds
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Like a bad rash, the Lindsay Lohan drama has itched its way back to the surface. 

Following reports of what seemed to have Lindsay Lohan back on track with her life, breaking news suggests that an intervention has been planned for the “Liz & Dick” star. Hollyscoop has spoken with both of Lindsay’s parents to get the scoop on what exactly is going on.

Here’s the run down on the latest that we know...

TMZ is reporting that, according LiLo’s father Michael, an intervention has been staged at the actress’ Beverly Hills home. The Lohan patriarch tells the celebrity gossip site that her entire team was on board to participate in the event.

According to the report, a group - helmed by Michael himself - showed up to the house on Friday afternoon, thinking that the 26-year-old had fallen off her recent sober streak due to the fact that she was reportedly a no show for work on her film The Canyons.

However, Lindsay's rep told Hollyscoop earlier today that Lindsay “did not miss anything" and that Lindsay had started promoting ‘Liz & Dick’ and her schedule had to be changed. "That’s all,” adds her rep.

We reached out to Lindsay’s mother Dina for comment on whether she thinks there is actual reason for concern here. Dina, who is currently in New York, sounded frazzled on the phone as details of the incident are still fresh.

“It has to do with her father,” Dina told Hollyscoop. “I can’t make a comment about it right now.”

Hollyscoop has also been in contact with Michael, who was unable to speak at length with us. We've reached out to Lindsay's rep and are waiting on further details.

Lindsay was reportedly on scene when her father showed up, but a boyfriend shooed him and the group away. The incident was followed up by a visit from local police after a trespassing call was made.

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