Lindsay Lohan Insults Kristen Stewart on ‘Chelsea Lately’

August 5, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Insults Kristen Stewart on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Lindsay Lohan co-hosted “Chelsea Lately” yesterday and was actually really funny. Well, writers gave her jokes and she read them off of cue cards, so if you want to call that “funny,” then sure, she was hilarious.

Lindsay talked about Kristen Stewart during the “round table” portion of the show and while she gave the actual comedians on the panel ZERO time to talk, her Kristen insult was pretty provocative.

“Kristen Stewart told off paparazzi this week and told a pap, you’re a piece of sh*t and don’t deserve to breathe the same air that I do. I’m just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion,” she guffawed.

She also went on to say, “I’m not surprised Kristen hates the photographers, last time they caught her kissing a married man in a mini cooper.”

Of course, Lindsay immediately cleared the air with, “I love Kristen, I really do.”

Well, Twihards probably hate you right about now, Lindsay. You haven’t felt scorn until you’ve pissed off a Twilight fan.

Watch the video here.