Lindsay Lohan In Talks For Scary Movie 5

July 10, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan In Talks For Scary Movie 5

There's a frightening little rumor going around about Lindsay Lohan… but this time it's really pretty funny: she may star in the next installment of the Scary Movie franchise.

The New York Post is reporting that Lohan has met with producer Bob Weinstein about potentially, possibly, just maybe, joining the cast for Scary Movie 5, set for release in the Spring of 2013.

If Lohan agrees she would be starring in the comedy/ horror spoof opposite Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame.

Previous notable Scary victims include, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy and the beloved former train wreck Charlie Sheen. This will be the first film in the Scary series that the belovedly goofy Anna Faris won't be involved.

Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor: Uninsurable Across Generations

Over the course of the six year run of the first four films (2000-2006), Faris was able to transform herself from an awkward brunette nerd into a super hot Hollywood blond sex symbol with a sense of humor….

So if the films could do that for Anna, what do think they could do for Lindsay?

Maybe turn her into a respectable member of society that drives carefully, and goes to bed early after her weekly book club meetings? It's no secret that Lohan, freed of probation restrictions is in full blown launching a comeback/ re branding of herself phase.

Lindsay Lohan Settles Reckless Driving Case

Well, whatever the opposite of the former version of LiLo is, we are pulling for the switch, for both her own personal happiness, and everyone else's safety and well being.

And if she for some reason she doesn't end up as a scream queen with excellent comedic chops, we look forward to seeing what she does manage to get herself into next… movie wise, we mean.