Lindsay Lohan in Breakdown Mode

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Lindsay Lohan in Breakdown Mode
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly on the brink of a breakdown.

Her assistant up and quit last week out of the blue after having had quite enough of all her nonsense. The woman, Eleonore, had only been working for Lindsay for a few months, but had already had it with her boss.

Now friends fear Lohan is on the verge on a major downward spiral without someone by her side to help her with day-to-day duties and decisions. Sources tell TMZ that Lindsay is going to have a tough time finding someone she can trust.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Los Angeles

The old assistant was responsible for driving Lindsay to and from her mandatory alcohol education classes. Sources say she’s so used to people setting up meetings and appointments for her that there’s no way she could do it on her own.

Seems like Lindsay has found herself a temporary driver at least for this past weekend. She tweeted Saturday about having a nice dinner that was later ruined by the paps. She wrote:

“Had a nice dinner tonight at Hwoods Bell Tower- thank you @MDMOLINARI :)

Can't paparazzi just disappear for one night? Just so I don't have severe anxiety? Its like, one night off- like work days and weekends!!!!

I'm rambling now...but if not that- arrest them lapd for their wreckless driving and running stop signs & lights for once!”

That girl Eleonore got out at the right time! We wouldn’t accept a million dollars to take care of that train wreck. Imagine the work conditions?? Good luck on finding a replacement, Linds. We have a feeling this will take awhile.
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