Lindsay Lohan In A Bathing Suit As Liz Taylor

June 5, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan In A Bathing Suit As Liz Taylor

We’ve been hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s role as Liz Taylor for months! Finally the day has come, and it’s all kind of “baggy cheetah-print bathing suit” and “Cat eye glasses.” So apparently, the Lifetime Network is going through with this after all.

It’s apparently the first day of shooting on Liz & Dick. In some of the photos Lindsay is seen holding her script, but in most of the pictures, she’s just lounging on a yacht in this “vintage” inspired one-piece bathing suit.

Looks like a LOT of hard work.

Later in the day, some photos of her in an ivory tank and skirt with a large floppy hat emerged to the internet.

These Liz-Taylor-on-the-boat photos look pretty decent, but then again, this IS a Lifetime movie. Historical accuracy has never been their strongest suit. That bikini is probably from Macy’s.

A source revealed to E! News that the yacht scenes were filmed at 9:30 am today in the marina near Los Angeles.

“A little first-day jitters for everyone, but it went well,” says the source, before adding that Lindsay was in a pleasant mood.

Not only that, but the studio has released a promotional still photo showcasing Lindsay in a passionate embrace with Grant Bowler, the sexy actor they hired to play Richard Burton.

Lindsay is nearly unrecognizable in this heavily airbrushed photo! What I mean when I say unrecognizable is that Lindsay looks beautiful. Squint your eyes and she almost looks like Megan Fox face morphed with Marilyn Monroe. Heck, don’t even squint your eyes, just look at it! Who is that girl? Not Lindsay.