Lindsay Lohan: I'm a Fighter

November 21, 2008 By:
Lindsay Lohan: I'm a Fighter

Lindsay Lohan is hitting back at critics who insist her career is dead claiming she's a "fighter" and isn't ready to give up on acting just yet.

She said, "I know people wouldn't have gone to see my movies if I didn't make them laugh or make them cry. I think it's a matter of finding the right thing. I'm sure my first thing back might not be that, but eventually it will come.

"That's what this business is like. It builds you up to take you down and then sees how far you can come back. I don't really worry though. I'm a fighter. I'm up for a challenge and I wont settle."

What do you guys think? Is her career dead? We don't remember the last time she made headlines for her work...well except when she caused trouble on the set of Ugly Betty.