Lindsay Lohan Ignores Judges Advice, Parties At Coachella

April 16, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Ignores Judges Advice, Parties At Coachella

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Coachella. Not only was Lindsay at the concert, but she was partying the night away at the Armani Exchange Neon Carnival on Saturday night. But Lindsay, I thought the Judge said no partying and no clubs!?

Technically, you could argue that Coachella is just some tents in the desert, so ehhh, I could see how she could get away with it.

Lindsay was reportedly not drinking, but she was still partying. I mean, look at what red bulls did to Demi Moore.

Not only is Lindsay ordered by the courts to stay away from parties, clubs, alcohol, cars, humans, or anything really, Lindsay is also being investigated for allegedly assaulting a woman at the Standard Hotel last week. Lindsay is denying she was even out that night, but sources are saying she was and she did hit that woman.

I can’t keep up, either way, why are you partying LiLo when you have so much going against you!? This is the time in your life when you need to stay at home and get caught up on Netflix. Also, aren’t you famous? Just throw parties at your own home!

Anyways, Lindsay is reportedly telling her friends she was well-aware that people were “whispering” about her at Coachella but she thinks she did no wrong and thinks she can control herself around alcohol.