Lindsay Lohan: I Was the Victim of a Bullying Too!

October 3, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan: I Was the Victim of a Bullying Too!

With GLAAD’s “Spirit Day,” Demi Lovato’s multiple candid revelations, and LeAnn Rimes’ Butterfly Project, October truly seems to be anti bullying month. And the campaign has a new, unlikely crusader…

Lindsay Lohan – the girl who played not one but TWO bullies in Parent Trap - spoke up about her experiences with bullying after being particularly touched by a segment of “Katie” on Tuesday.

The segment told the tragic but inspiring story of Whitney Kropp, a victim of ongoing bullying that has risen above her struggle. And Lindsay couldn’t help but reach out…

It didn’t stop there either. The “Liz & Dick” actress continued her childhood autobiography, turning Twitter into the “Lindsay Show.”

“I was actually bullied @ my public school when i would leave to film. Whenever I came back… girls & boys would call me names,” she tweeted.

“They would also mock me because of my home situation, when people found out that my father was in jail,” Lindsay said.

She added, “They would yell things, try to trip me & more… I moved to home-schooling instead. In 11th grade. I stuck it out for a while.”

LiLo brought it all full circle, turning her story back to Katie’s segment.

“So I can relate to the girls that you spoke with on your show today,” Lohan tweeted at Couric. “I appreciate you reaching out to them. xo.”

The latter half of the conversation has since been removed from her account, but it nonetheless establishes Lindsay’s softer side…

But, more than anything else, it proves that someone actually likes Katie Couric’s new show…