Lindsay Lohan: I Have No Regrets

November 20, 2012 By:
 Lindsay Lohan: I Have No Regrets

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan shenanigan squirming its way into our attention spans…

But the movie star-turned-party girl-turned-movie star again wants to make clear that her legacy will read “actress” and not “narcotics-fueled rage cage.”

According to Us Weekly who was graced by the former Hollywood trainwreck’s presence in the form of a sit-down interview, LiLo is really, seriously, for reals guys… on the road to recovery:

“I want to be known as an actress, not a troubled starlet,” she said during the Los Angeles–based interview with celeb news source. “People can think what they want, and the only thing I can do is prove them wrong.”

More importantly, the “Liz & Dick” star would like to remind us that, despite her tendency to end up in more headlines than leading roles lately, she has no qualms about what she’s done in the past...NONE.

"[I regret] nothing, because then I wouldn't have been able to cry in scenes at the drop of a hat," she added. "I have it tattooed: LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS. I'm not saying I wanted to go to a jail cell, but I've drawn from all of it."

The full on, unabridged version of Lindsay’s interview is available in this week’s version of Us Weekly, which you can pick up now if you feel so inclined. 

Also, it should be noted that the Lindsay’s Lifetime debut airs Sunday, November 25 on 9/8c. If you don’t have this cued on your DVR already you should seriously get your priorities in order, kid. 

Photo Credit: ABC/Donna Svennevik