Lindsay Lohan: I Didn't Hit and Run!

March 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan: I Didn't Hit and Run!

Lindsay Lohan, who really shouldn’t leave the house like, ever, claims that she didn’t make the hit and run that was reported this morning.

The comeback star was leaving Sayers Club in Hollywood at 12:20 a.m. when her Porsche reportedly hit the manager of a place called the Hookah Lounge.

A source tells RadarOnline: “Lindsay is adamant that she absolutely didn’t hit anyone while she was driving. Lindsay is extremely upset that there would be speculation she would ditch the scene of a potential crime scene.”

Right, how could we possibly think she’d do that? (Insert all five of Lindsay’s mug shots here).

“She is days away from being taken off formal probation,” the source continues, referring to Lindsay’s shoplifting case.

After the hit and run, Lindsay got in touch with her lawyer, who is undoubtedly very busy.

“Lindsay has talked to her attorney Shawn Holley, who has subsequently reached out to cops from the LAPD Hollywood division. Would it make sense for Lindsay to flee the scene with tons of paparazzi? No, she wouldn't have done that if there was a remote possibility she had hit someone," the source says.

Lindsay reportedly hit the man and left the scene, and at first he was fine, but after finding out who Lindsay was, he went to the emergency room and claimed he was going to file a report.

"There was no evidence of a crime or a hit and run," a police spokesperson said. "There was no evidence of a crime."