Lindsay Lohan Hit a Man with Her Car, Fled the Scene

March 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Hit a Man with Her Car, Fled the Scene

Lindsay Lohan hit a person while driving away from a club, and then she fled the scene.

The only surprising thing here is that somehow, Lindsay Lohan still has her driver's license. Lindsay was in her new Porsche when she left Hollywood's Sayers Club a little after midnight on Wednesday.

She was driving out of the parking lot, when she was blocked by paparazzi and bystanders around a nearby Hookah Lounge, according to TMZ. Lindsay's car then hit the manager of the Lounge, and she peeled out and drove away.

Comeback stalled, right? I mean, she dyed her hair red and everything. I really thought she was turning her life around.

Anyway, cops were called, they came to the scene and interviewed people, including the manager, and then left. The officers told TMZ they determined no one was injured and closed the case. But it could be reopened if the manager who got struck contacts them later and claims he has an injury.

If he's not injured, Lindsay didn't break any laws. But all it takes is one 'I don’t think I can move my neck,' and Lindsay could be charged with a hit and run. And worse, it could be grounds to violate her probation in her shoplifting case.

Just stay in the house, Lindsay. The outside world does not fare well for you.

As it turns out, Lindsay might have ironically called the police herself, to protect herself from the paparazzi, and that's why they showed up in the first place.

I mean, I don't understand the troubles of dealing with the pap because the only person who wants to take my picture is the lady at the DMV, and even she doesn’t look happy about it, but I imagine it's pretty crazy. But crazy enough to justify hitting a guy with your car and then leaving? I'm thinking no.