Lindsay Lohan Hit & Run: Surveillance Footage Turned Over

March 27, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Hit & Run: Surveillance Footage Turned Over

Probably the most entertaining thing she's been in since 'Mean Girls', Lindsay Lohan's accuser has turned over the surveillance video that apparently shows her hitting him and then driving away.

Reports surfaced last week that Thaer Kamal—the guy who is accusing Lindsay Lohan of hitting him with her Porsche after leaving a club—had a history of insurance fraud. But a source close to the situation is saying that's not true. .

"Thaer feels that Lindsay's camp has bullied him by making up stories that he was being investigated for insurance fraud," the source tells RadarOnline.

"He was steadfast in his conviction that he has never committed any crime, and hasn't been investigated ever for fraud. Thaer is fearful for his family back in Iraq, he has done nothing wrong, he didn't break any laws. He served with the United States Army for six years and seven months, and has a spotless record. He obeys all laws, and he wonders why Lindsay doesn't."

Don't we all? Meanwhile, Lindsay is just two days away from ending her formal probation. She's due back in court on Thursday.

Kamal has hired legal pitbull Mark Geragos as his lawyer. Geragos has defended Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Winona Ryder…he knows what he's doing.

Kamal reportedly met with two LAPD detectives Tuesday morning in an undisclosed location for more than an hour. Geragos, along with another lawyer, Tamar Arminak were present.

And the legal battle may even continue past the hit-and-run.

"Mark and Tamar will be investigating who made those false statements about Thaer being the focus of insurance fraud investigations and will take the appropriate legal action against those responsible for the false and defamatory comments if necessary," the source continued.