Lindsay Lohan: Hell No on Conservatorship

September 30, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan: Hell No on Conservatorship

Lindsay Lohan may have completely lost control of decision-making in her own life, but she’s trying not to succumb to a conservatorship being placed on her.

According to TMZ, Lindsay plans on fighting against anyone who tries to place her under a conservatorship.

Sources say she personally said she will go to court over anyone who tries to take over her finances. The only problem for Linds is that she’s sort of stuck in rehab right now. And we doubt the Betty Ford peeps would let her out for a court appearance not related to her October 22nd hearing.

During the time Lindsay is in rehab, sources say a trust could be created in her name in order to handle her finances—and there’s aint nothing she can do about it!

Ironically, we hear Dina Lohan was the one who suggested the conservatorship. Lindsay and her mother usually get along, but we smell a major cat fight over this situation!