Lindsay Lohan Heading to New York

August 13, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Heading to New York

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly moving to New York after she’s released from rehab. At least that’s what Dina Lohan told Matt Lauer this morning.

She called California a “wonderful state,” but said "she'll be coming back to New York" after her rehab treatment.

"It's a different game you play there," Dina explained. "The court system is a little different."

Leave it to Dina to blame the court and not her daughter. Dina also said Lindsay’s next project would be working with “charity” and “saving the next tabloid victim.” But almost in the same breath, Dina said Lindsay would continue making many movies in her future. Whatever!

To make matters even more dysfunctional, Michael Lohan reportedly showed up to the set to try and get in on it. Of course he was turned away, but he did get some TV time across town on the Early Show.

He said during his interview, "She needs help. If she's not taken off all of the drugs, if she doesn't have therapy, family therapy as well as individual, I feel it's just a Band-Aid and it's not going to get any better.”

As for Lindsay, Michael said, "We have to mend fences ... This is not something we can just overlook anymore.”

He said of Dina, I don't understand how she comes out with some of these things she says. But that's on her. That's not on me. This is about our daughter. It's not about being part of her career. It's about being parents."

The Lohans are dysfunctional with a capitol D!