Lindsay Lohan Heading To Jail For 8 Months?

December 11, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Heading To Jail For 8 Months?
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I know everyone has been saying this for months, but Lindsay Lohan might actually go to the slammer this time.

As we reported earlier, Lindsay Lohan is skipping out on her court appearance tomorrow morning so that she can be Max Jordan from The Wanted’s plus 1 while he travels overseas.

Let’s momentarily forget the weirdness surrounding that fact that Lindsay is The Wanted’s number 1 groupie and focus on the fact that her rumored fling with Max will come to a halt when she’s thrown in jail for 8 months.

The undercover cops at TMZ are reporting that Lindsay is looking at 8 months in the clink in connection to her most recent case.

When Lindsay is arraigned tomorrow for lying to cops, her probation in the jewelry case will be revoked. So Lindsay will be tried on the criminal charges of lying to police AND she’s having a hearing to decide if she’s broken the terms of her violation. Since her probation dictates that she NOT break the law, she’ll most likely be convicted of violating her probation.

Like most celebrities, Lindsay will probably get off easy with the “lying to police” charge. I mean, OJ Simpson killed two people and nothing happened to him so Lindsay will probably get off easy.

BUT, it doesn’t take much evidence to say you violated your probation, so she’ll most definitely be slapped with that charge and end up with 8 months in jail!

It’s also being reported that the L.A. City Attorney is sick of LiLo and has it out for her.

Lindsay’s days are numbered. That The Wanted tour bus better be worth it.