Lindsay Lohan Heading Back To Rehab

March 18, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Heading Back To Rehab

Every Hollywood story has a happy ending, and by that we mean, it ends in rehab.

The Lindsay Lohan courtroom drama has finally come to an end and Lindsay has struck a plea deal that ends with her spending 90 days in a lock-down rehab facility, 30 days of community service and 180 days in psychiatric therapy.

Lindsay sat in court while the judge read her sentencing. She looked a lot like a zombie.

The final word is that Lindsay must enter a rehab facility that does not let you leave for any reason.

“There are no day passes, you can’t leave, you have to stay in the facility for 90 days,” the judge relayed in court today.

She still has a restitution hearing to find out how much she owes, but for now, 3 months in rehab is the easiest sentence ever. Celebrity rehab centers are like vacations that you can't leave, essentially.

She’ll also do 30 days of community service, so expect to see the paparazzi crowding the morgue in the near future.

Another comment from the judge: “don’t drive.”

While he meant it in all seriousness, we can’t help but laugh.

In the meantime, Lindsay STILL insists that she’s innocent, despite taking the plea deal. Just hours before in the private jet, she told everyone on the plane that she thought she would get off.

Considering this plea deal, she basically did get off. Rehab and some community service? Lindsay is continually off-the-hook.