Lindsay Lohan Has a Really Expensive Babysitter

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Lindsay Lohan Has a Really Expensive Babysitter
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Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing really well these days. She’s basically just wandering sober around LA, posting Instagram pics and not bothering anyone.

So how’s she doing it? Well, she pays someone $2,500 a day to babysit her, essentially.  

Lindsay has hired a “sober companion” to basically hangout with her at all times and make sure she doesn’t fall off the wagon ever again.

Sober companions are normal for those just out of recovery, but whoa, $2,500 a day! Last we checked Lindsay owed the IRS and the Chateau Marmont all of her money and was taking handouts from Charlie Sheen! Where is she getting that kind of money?

It’s not clear how often Lindsay is with her sober pal, but he/she could be living with her.

Hey, at least Lindsay is taking her recovery seriously for the first time.