Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed at Court As Judge Revokes Probation

October 19, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed at Court As Judge Revokes Probation

Judge Stephanie Sautner ripped into Lindsay Lohan in court on Wednesday, reprimanding her for getting purposely kicked out of the Downtown Women's Shelter in Los Angeles.

"Miss Lohan's actions made it deliberately impossible for her to perform her actions at the Downtown women's center," the judge explained, adding that Lindsay has basically been "looking a gift horse in the mouth."

As Lindsay looked on in court, jotting something down on a legal pad (presumably writing down her escape route from prison), the prosecutors asked Judge Sautner to impose jail time.

Lohan's judge, Shawn Holley, argued that 1) despite getting kicked out of the shelter, Lindsy has made tons of other "victories" 2) Lindsay was unable to do a lot of the community service because she was in Europe working and supporting "her family and herself" and 3) Lindsay couldn’t do community service when she was under house arrest.

"My order was made six months ago. You're prasing her for doing twelve hours in six months," Sautner argued. In regard to the house arrest, the judge reminded Holley that it was only for 35 days and added: "There's five other months here." Boo-ya!

Plus, when Lindsay was "working in Europe", she was also photographed sucking face with the clothing designer that got her the job there. So I don’t know if I'd call that work. Well, unless that's how she got the job. Which is a very real possibility.

Judge Sautner added: "She's supposed to be an actress from what I hear. I don’t know how much acting she's doing."

Well, there's acting like she feels remorse for what she did. At one point, Lindsay tried to interject, and the judge pretty much reprimanded her like a child. "Sorry," Lohan said.

Holley also praised Lindsay for going to her therapy sessions and completing her shoplifting class. She explained that along with the class comes "a ton of homework assignments." Awwww. Homework is hard.

Despite Lindsay's probation triumphs, which will undoubtedly be added to her wiki page, The judge wasn't impressed. Sautner read the probation report, saying "She wasn't interacting with anyone. She said the service was 'not fulfilling.' Her words. Is that what a sentence is about? Or is it supposed to be rehabilitative and punitive?"

I'm guessing that's a rhetorical question.

Overall, Holley's general argument was that this hearing was "premature" and that Lindsay still has "six months to complete her sentence at the Downtown women's center."

"Probation is a gift," the judge said. "It's not a right."

And finally, Shawn Holley tried to pull the but she's a celebrity! card, saying that there are rallying cries for Lindsay to go to jail.

"I don’t care about rallying cries," the judge said. And with that, she revoked Lohan's probation and announced the bail at $100,000. The bail bondsman was already there, of course, so Sautner says Lindsay has to complete a minimum of 16 hours at the morgue in the next week. Lindsay's lawyer asked if she could forgo the lockup and just hang out while the bondsman does his thing, but the judge was like, i don't care, it's up to the officers. The officers then handcuffed Lindsay and escorted her out of the courtroom.

So from here, Lohan will be back in court November 2 for a hearing over her revoked probation. And she might as well just set up camp there next to the reporters, because she's going to be spending a lot of time in court.

Lohan was just slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly attacking a Betty Ford staffer, according to TMZ. Dawn Holland says she tried to give Lindsay a breathalyzer last December when Lohan grabbed her wrist and began "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."
Dawn's asking for a million dollars in the suit claiming she suffered "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering"

All in a day's work for Lindsay Lohan!