Lindsay Lohan Glitter Bombed At Court

March 18, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Glitter Bombed At Court
Image By: Splash News

Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to appear in court today for the start of her probation violation trial and in true-to-Lindsay fashion, she showed up to court late…48 minutes late.

As Lindsay floated down from her SUV like she was showing up to a party fashionably late, the paparazzi hounded LiLo and someone GLITTER BOMBED her.

Yes, someone threw a handful of gold flakes at Lindsay because all that glitters is gold JUST LIKE LI-LO. (It’s not).

Or as fellow Hollyscoop writer John Howard just said, “It would’ve been funnier if it was bronze glitter, since she is not worthy of gold.”

BOOM. We win.

Oh and if you’re wondering why Lindz was late to court today, she was supposed to fly home from NY on Saturday, but realized that she NEEDED to go party so she missed her Saturday night flight, got on a Sunday flight, but she apparently believed the flight had a "fuel leak," so Lindsay got on a private jet and it didn’t land in LA on time for her trial start time.

We’ll have more news from the court house as it unfolds. But don’t hold your breath, Lindsay will probably get out scot-free like usual.