Lindsay Lohan Gets Sultry for LOVE Magazine

February 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Gets Sultry for LOVE Magazine

And you know what? She cleaned up pretty nice. Gotta give credit where credit’s due.

Terry Richardson, Lindsay Lohan’s personal photographer, took a new batch of photos of the actress, and she looks every bit the sultry pinup girl she’s meant to look like. I mean, it’s pretty easy: just stick your ass out and never close your mouth.

The shoot is for Lohan’s feature in LOVE magazine from the UK. She dons her signature long, bleach-blonde locks, along with bright red lipstick, fancy lingerie, and occasionally, a cigarette.

Richardson’s work can be seen in the upcoming ‘After Taste’ issue of the magazine. Hey, she kind of looks like Marilyn Monroe, too. You think she’s a fan? I bet she’s a fan.

Recently, Lindsay and Terry teamed up for a shoot at her in between-residences residence, Chateau Marmont. What resulted was an artistic series of candid black and white photographs. And by candid I mean nipple.

In the LOVE set of pictures, Lohan even wears a shirt with an oversized image of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. In case you forgot, Lindsay is up for the role of Taylor in an upcoming TV movie biopic. But recently, a Broadway actress named Alexis Kiley has tossed her own name into the ring, and she happens to look a lot like the late star.

“I have been told I look like Elizabeth Taylor my whole life, even when I was a little girl." Kiley said. “I don’t see the comparison with Lindsay at all.”