Lindsay Lohan Gets New Film Role: Playing Dame Elizabeth Taylor

January 10, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Gets New Film Role: Playing Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan has booked her first movie role since 2010, and she will be playing Liz Taylor in a biopic about the actresses life.

I think Lindsay Lohan should really get out of the “biopic” business. Remember when she was supposed to play Victoria Gotti in that Gotti Family biopic, and then she was somehow tossed from the film? And then remember when she was supposed to play porn star Linda Lovelace in the flick “Inferno” but got replaced by Malin Ackerman. Well, Lindsay must be thinking “third times the charm” because she’s attempting to – wait, this is a Lifetime movie?

Oh, it’s a made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime Network? This changes everything!

Lindsay will be staring in the Lifetime movie, “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story” which sounds almost as awful as “William & Kate” the Royal Wedding love story on Lifetime.

According to, the Liz Taylor movie will focus on Taylor’s relationship with actor Richard Burton, whom she called the “love of her life” even though she was married 7 times.

Lindsay was last seen in a movie in 2010 in the film “Machete,” and then her ta-tas were last seen in December in the Playboy spread.

Give Lindsay like 3 months and she’ll find a way to get dropped from this project. And then wait a few days and she’ll probably be appearing in an LA courthouse near you!