Lindsay Lohan Gets Kicked Out of Community Service

October 14, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Gets Kicked Out of Community Service

How many times has Lindsay Lohan been threatened to get "thrown in jail?" She gets so many free passes I'm losing count. In terms of her parole, Lindsay Lohan is on her 9th life. I'm sorry, did I say LIFE? I meant to say 9th LINE, of coke that is.

Lindsay Lohan just got kicked out of her community service program for violating the rules several times.

Her sentence for the shoplifting episode was house arrest and community service. She was ordered to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in LA and according to TMZ she is expected to be "reliable, non-disruptive, and serve at least 4 hours at a time."

Reliable? Lindsay Lohan stood up Matt Lauer for an interview on the Today Show. Ok, so not reliable.

Non-Disruptive? Lindsay throws a drink at a photographer and ends up hurting a cocktail waitress. Ok, so completely disruptive.

Serves 4 hours at a time? Strap a chunky bracelet to her ankle, tell her that she's going to a rooftop party and she'll serve as long as you need her to. Other than that, nawww.

Since those were her service parameters, she met none of those requirements. She was a no-show to 9 scheduled visits at the Women's Center and when she did show up, she would leave after an hour. The Women's Center ended up firing her, making her the first person to ever be fired from something other people do voluntarily. She was reassigned to the Red Cross once the Women's center dropped her.

Suprisingly TMZ snapped photos of her arriving at the Red Cross Center. She probably just got confused and thought it said "Red Carpet." I'm sure once she figured out where she was she bolted.

Lindsay is due back in court next week for another progress hearing. Judge Sautner said she wouldn't be given many more chances (though she's already had like 6 chances!) and if she keeps bailing on her service obligations it's back to the clink for LiLo.

Everytime she has to show up to court they are like "no more chances Lindsay Lohan." What does she have to do so badly that's keeping her from her community service duties. She's not acting. We know that.

We haven't even talked about the 120 hours of community service that she's supposed to do for the county morgue. She hasn't even stepped foot in that place. I don't blame her. If she accidentally lays down somebody might confuse her body for a corpse.