Lindsay Lohan For Visa

April 25, 2008 By:
Lindsay Lohan For Visa

Lindsay Lohan
is the new face for a Visa campaign. Is this girl really responsible enough to be associated with credit cards? She's lending her image to Visa Swap-a, a fashion swap meet where customers can exchange their clothing for new ones. The event will take place at Covent Garden in London this June, featuring Lindsay all decked out in vintage clothing. It should just show her wearing old leggings and sunglasses if they want it to be realistic.

Customers can donate clothing they no longer wear to the Covent Garden shop over a period of three weeks beginning June 21, and then have the value of their clothing — in points — put onto a Visa card. During the weekend of July 19, customers can then exchange the value of the points on their cards for others' second-hand items.

That's actually a cool idea. Hopefully the left over clothing goes to a charity of some sort.